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Te imaginas enfriar una bebida en 45 segundos? Pues ya es posible.

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How many of you have tried the old trick where you wrap a beer in a wet paper towel and then toss it in the freezer? For those who don’t know, this quickly cools beer. It works, but the European Union must have felt like it didn’t work quickly enough, since it funded Rapidcool. It’s a a project that, according to its press release, “aims at reducing the energy requirements for cooling drinks at the point of sale.”


More importantly for a consumer, the technology created by Enviro-Cool Limited can cool drinks to about 39 degrees F in less than 45 seconds.

Cooling a packaged liquid quickly has been challenging for a few reasons. The first is that if you cool it too quickly, the outer edge of liquid will generally freeze. Those frozen bits get mixed into the liquid bits and you end up with lots of slushee-like bits. No good.

But this tech takes the bottle and spins it to create a Rankine vortex, which doesn’t disrupt/affect the carbonation of the liquid, allowing said liquid to be cooled quickly and evenly.

Here’s how the chilling works, according to Enviro-Cool’s website:

“The team found that by rotating the beverage at a certain speed to create a Rankine vortex the carbonated liquid could be mixed without disruption to the bubbles of carbon dioxide. The team also discovered that by simply rotating the beverage the vortex behaved like a solid, with the outer liquid cooling faster than the inner liquid. Tests showed that cooling rates could be improved by collapsing the vortex and then recreating it; this was achieved by a stop start rotational sequence. This pulsed rotation is the essence of the first patent filed by Enviro-Cool (UK) Limited.”

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